Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bathroom of Weather

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 1

I have finally moved into UF. I have been in my dorm for a couple of days now. Everything is great except one thing...that's my bathroom. Well not exactly the bathroom, more of just the shower. When I turn on my shower, the entire bathroom becomes a weather system.
The first time I turned on the shower, ****! I felt wind inside the bathroom! So pretty much I could have a forecast within my dorm's bathroom. With a hailstorm in the shower, along with strong winds, and by some miracle sunshine on the other side of the bathroom.
I have one crazy bathroom.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Weight Loss

Monday, August 10, 2009 0

Why does everyone think that you can lose weight and continue to eat the same? I've been through that hell of trying to drop pounds, and it's difficult. The only magic food that'll help you shed pounds are laxatives, and then you're shitting out your entire body.
Bottom line: weight = calories put in - exercise put out + natural body mass (this varies between person and depends on family history...) Overall there's no miracle cure to losing weight within a week, just lifestyle changes to be healthy. I love all the magazine covers saying otherwise though, they make me laugh.

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My Summer

My summer has been filled with ups and downs. Starting from graduation of high school, I was hoping to get paid as a camp counselor. Of course, because of the events to my shoulder, I was withheld pay. Sure a counselor only gets paid 59 cents/hour (as it was found out), that's $250 per week more than what I have in my pocket to show. But I went as a Counselor's Assistant anyways, because my mother persuaded me so, and it kept me out of some stupid trouble.
So my summer was spent almost exclusively at camp, watching children of middle school age and younger. During this time, I also had to go through therapy, which was my workout during my off period for most days, up to the first month I was out there. This was fun, and I got used to the schedule. Then I get stuck out with horses. I don't know a damn thing bout horses. SO what do I do? I became a squire (that's what we called ourselves) and started shoveling shit. That week sucked, as well as every trip I had to make out there, because I despise such creatures.
Anyways, besides those 2 setbacks, I was having lots of fun. I wasn't watching the kids as much as relaxing with them and becoming their friend, not only their counselor. My Color Wars team did well (for the first 2 sessions), but I blame SHANaNOgaNs for that - there's no way the same team can win 3 sessions in a row. Out at skatepark then challenge course wasn't bad. Then changing from challenge course to marksmanship was fine too. I found out that riding a skateboard is actually a bit fun, and I love shooting things, so BB guns and archery was my fix.
Mid-way through the third session I went out to the UF orientation. First thoughts, "**** this is a big campus!" I still think it is now. Along the way I ended up changing my major from Computer Science to Computer Engineering - Software, and kept Mathematics. I also registered for classes, met some really cool people, and continue to realize how big the UF campus is.
Then I came back to camp to watch the kids some more. At least there were some CITs (Counselor In Training) who I absolutely loved, and they pulled me through to the next and final session. The last session I pretty much rode out. During this time I found out I got one of the best dorms on the UF campus, even better it was near my classes too. I also realized that I never want to return to camp again, well this particular camp. As much as I love the campers it just wasn't (and still isn't) worth coming back. The last day finally comes, and I figure it'll be the easiest day...hell no. First, one of the counselors decides to be a bitch bout a small prank and wants to tell me I'm not doing my job, got me excited to the point where I wanted to fight. Instead I ran and cooled off, and rode for the rest of the day. Till I get told that my Twitter pisses parents off cause it's content isn't up to their standards for a camp counselor, and I'm told I have to edit it. HAHAHAHA.
They can shove it.
I feel that's my censorship, and they can get over themselves, along with my bosses, for a number of reasons. They get over it. And I try to end on a good note. This is achieved by having a firing squad armed with corn throwing their ammo at the counselor who pissed me off earlier. Without speaking we made amends of the situation, it's better to end on a good note. And the Twitter situation doesn't matter, cause it was never my fault that parents are snoopy and that Google works magically well. Closing campfire ended off well. Long, but well.
And finally to today. I am home. With a dead battery in my car this morning, and a new one currently. With plans that fell through, but I'm gonna hit the town up for sure within the week. With college only a week away. These next few weeks should be fun :)

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quite Possibly the Last Pair of Sandals I May Ever Wear Again...

Saturday, June 13, 2009 0

The Nike Air Max Sandals

These are truly comfort. And normally I couldn't care less about looking up shoes, or even sandals for that matter. But since I now own these bad boys, I love wearing them around the house. Perfect feeling after throwing the socks and shoes around the floor to slip these puppies on. Just another slice of modern heaven :)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Facebook & MySpace

Thursday, June 11, 2009 0

For Facebook users, you already know it. Starting June 13th, +all the other timing crap that I have no need for, Facebook will have usernames!!! Which is a disaster. The line between Facebook and MySpace has only begun to blur more. I am saddened by this fact, because it only drops Facebook's greatness another two points, like when Channel 7 created a Facebook. Towards Twitter I urge closer and closer to...revolutions, sometimes they just really suck.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tuesday, June 9, 2009 0

Tracks...they're something you follow. From the ones in your mother's head, to the ones animals make in the ground, even to train tracks, something follows them.

Animals make tracks in the ground, not purposely, but of course **** happens. Not the best thing when a hungry man-bear-pig, or any part of it is 'tracking' you down. You can follow animal tracks, most likely they'll lead you to an animal, or away depending on which way you follow them.
Train tracks lead trains to their destinations. Which leads to damsels in distress because the villan has strapped them to the predictable train tracks.
Tracks on a CD or Vinel (spell check please...because I'm too lazy to do it myself). The song would play by the needle 'following' the indent in the disc, producing mucis. Now CD's don't work the same way, but we call a song a track because of old habits. And besides the songs follow one another in a similar way.
My favorite : Hair tracks. These are my favorite because of how they get into someone's head, and how they can come out. Don't know why females put them into their head, but whatever floats their boat. And these tracks, you don't need to follow, when you pull them out, they follow the direction your hand is pulling; unless they're in extra tight, but you'll hear shreiks x100 by that point.

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Monday, June 8, 2009


Monday, June 8, 2009 2

Seatbelts...they don't always keep you safe. Today, I demonstrated this by handing out birthday punches to my friend as he was trapped down by his seatbelt. So, remember, seatbelts don't always keep you safe.

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